The Best Paint for Fishing Lures [Airbrush & Other Options]

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Choosing the right paint for your fishing lures is essential for both attracting fish and ensuring the longevity of your lures. A well-painted lure can mimic the appearance of real baitfish, enticing the fish to strike. With a wide range of paint options available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best paint for fishing lures.

best paint for fishing lures

To help you make an informed decision, we have researched and compiled a list of the top paint options specifically designed for lures. In this guide, we will provide you with comprehensive reviews of the perfect paints for fishing lures and some other relevant things that will help you to make your decision properly.

Our Top Picks

6 Best Paint for Fishing Lures Reviews

Let’s dive into the world of fishing lure paints and discover the top options available on the market.

1. Createx Colors Airbrush Paint

The ultimate reliable option for lure manufacturers and painters is the Createx colors airbrush paint. This paint brings the best version of fishing lures and that is exactly why we have put it on top of our list. Surprisingly, the paints are also quite affordable compared to what they offer.

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Moreover, you can use the pigments for painting other many materials including leather, wood, fabric, ceramic, and others. Also, the paints are highly suitable for materials that are prone to fading. Thanks to its light-fast exterior-grade paint properties.

Thus, your fishing lures will not fade away even after being exposed to extensive sunlight. UV rays can do nothing to the paint. Additionally, the paint contains resins that make it last longer. After application, you can simply air dry the paint. However, professionals suggest going for heat curing.

To speak more about the formula, the Createx provides the water-based and non-toxic formula. The paints also ensure the ASTM D-4236 standards. You can give your fishing lures a beautiful satin finish by selecting any color from the wider range of collections. Again, the paints are easy to clean from the airbrush when you are done with the project.


  • Offers excellent color selection with quality formula.
  • Provides a wonderful satin finish and doesn’t fade.
  • Easy to apply, dries faster, and multi-purpose paint.


  • Not suitable for children and is a bit high-priced.

Our Verdict: Providing the best texture and result to your fishing lures, the Createx Colors paint is just the best airbrush paint for fishing lures you should pursue right away.

2. Wicked Colors W101-00 Wicked Primary Set Airbrush

What snatches the 2nd position in our list is the Wicked colors airbrush. After the first pick, it is also arguably excellent airbrush paint for fishing lures with lots of colors to offer. The colors are transparent yet contain highly pigmented properties.

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Therefore, you will get outstanding coverage on your fishing lures after applying the paint. Also, you can over-reduce the formula for getting a thin and detailed paint on the materials. Moreover, the set comes with a 4012 High Performance Reducer to get you what you desire while painting.

Also, the colors are manufactured with lightfast pigments like our previous pick. Again, it also has exterior-grade resin for delivering the best result possible. The colors are compatible with any primer or paint.

However, to get the best outcome, producers suggest using the Wicked colors with Createx 4030 Intercoat. Together the compounds deliver an excellent matte finish on any plastic or hard-surfaces and automotive as well.

Moreover, like any other Createx production, the Wicked colors are also non-toxic and water-based. Each of the 6 bottles of the set contains a 2oz compound. Hence, the colors are durable as well.


  • The set includes unique colors and a reducer.
  • Delivers a matte and long-lasting finish.
  • The non-toxic formula goes well with almost any material.


  • The reducer may run out before the colors.

Our Verdict: Overall, with the best service, the Wicked Colors Set is a great airbrush color starter out there. Thus, if you are thinking of giving it a try, you will surely win.

3. Pro-Tec Jigs and Lures High Gloss Powder Paints

If you are more comfortable with powder paints, then you definitely should not skip this part. Let us introduce you to the next high-quality paint for fishing lures which is the Pro-Tec Jigs and Lures Powder Paints. The paint claims to be the most practical choice for painting purposes.

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What has made the paint worldwide more acceptable is its durability and high-gloss finish. Such a finish will make the lures and jigs more effective in their performance. Moreover, the vibrant colors add more shininess to the materials.

Therefore, the glossy properties and vibrant colors together invite a large number of fish to catch. Surely, the paint is good at what it does. Your painting process will take nearly 20 minutes once you start with this paint.

Again, the paint is the ultimate time-saver. First, only a little amount goes a long way while painting. Second, applying only one coat is considered to be enough. In fact, you will not need any white primer while adopting the painting process.

Moreover, the powder formula is easy to work with. It also has fast-drying properties. You can certainly use a heat gun for curing like you can use with our previously mentioned paints as well.


  • Comes with powdery and vibrant colors.
  • Takes less time to paint and provides a high-glossy finish.
  • The paints are highly durable and easy to apply.


  • The color may seem slightly different after application.

Our Verdict: If you are actually thinking of making your fish baits highly attractive for the fish to be trapped, then the Pro-Tec jigs and lures powder paints are the ones you should go for.

4. SpaceBeams Glow in the Dark Paint

If you want to know what is the ideal glow paint for fishing lures then grab this SpaceBeams Glow in the Dark Paint for non-toxic formula. The glowing of this dark green fluorescence is extremely bright. It offers a strong, vivid, and ultra-glow in the dark that also long lasts for about 24 long hours.

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With its brightness, you cannot as well doubt the safety it ensures. This SpaceBeams dark paint is toxic free and you can normally use this glowing formula safely. This non-toxicity of the paint offers non-flammable conditions as well.

And because it is water-based, the heavy chemicals are also less in quantity in the dark paint. Besides, the versatility of this paint will not only lure fishes but also can work on a wide range of spaces and surfaces. You can make them work on surfaces like wood, plastic, glass, and whatnot.

From luring fish to creating artwork on your wall, this multi-tasking paint can be your very favorite object. The pigment it uses is super durable and has an ultra-adhesive acrylic solution. It charges itself to glow better and longer. You can get both green and aqua colors and its different shades here too.


  • Comes with a non-toxic and water-based formula.
  • Glows strongly, and brightly, and lasts for 24 hours.
  • Works on all types of surfaces like wood, plastic, glass, and so on.


  • The container is very hard and makes squeezing hard.

Our Verdict: Overall this SpaceBeams dark paint is a wonder for it looks beautiful in the dark. As it offers two different colors, the brightness of these colors looks amazing.

5. Caliart Acrylic Paint Set for Beginners & Painters

For buying something in acrylic for your fishing lures, this Caliart acrylic paint set will literally serve its best with its complete package. It comes with 12 premium brushes that glide smoothly on the surface. Besides, this paint dries quickly. Most importantly this bombed package boosts your imagination faculty.

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Not only on paper, but this paint also works even better on other hard materials including wood, concrete, metal, glass, and so on. You can even use it for painting a pumpkin and other Halloween decorations.

However, the quality of this acrylic paint set has not been downgraded at all. The pigmentation of the paints says it all. Also, the paint set is water-based and offers no toxicity at all.

Girls and boys of all ages can work with this set without getting any irritation or allergic reaction from it. The consistency of these paints come is very creamy and full of premium texture.

Thus, getting full coverage from this set is not an impossible thing to ask for. This creamy texture gets blended and dries easily in good ventilation areas.


  • Offers a mind-blowing package with brushes and non-toxic paints.
  • The premium creamy texture of the paint dries fast.
  • Offers full coverage on different materials.


  • Too many colors may make you confused.

Our Verdict: This acrylic paint set is so great that we were struggling to find a proper downside. From its packaging to its popped nature after application, all these made us startled. From beginners to professionals, all can have this amazing set in a legit affordable price range.

6. Golden High Flow Acrylic, Assorted 10 Color Set

Golden high flow acrylic color set is our major pick for the best paint for fishing lures. This color set offers ten different bottles and all of them are different in color. They are not some traditional color. So, you will definitely have a different vibe from them.

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These amazing colors are arguably compatible, especially with golden acrylics and mediums. The ink-like consistency both has its advantages and disadvantages. You can use this consistency professionally in different sectors of art. You just need to have the controlling ability of the runny ink.

Also, this consistency ensures the flexibility of this Golden acrylic set. The colors come in considerable sized bottles. The acrylic base of the colors defines its “high flow” condition. That’s why you need to use an airbrush to paint them on the materials. An ordinary brush can give you trouble.

After the application of the paints, you will notice how the color has popped up. This is the most charming fact about this set. Besides, you will get a full coverage painting experience with this set.


  • Loveable different unique colors with high flow nature.
  • Ink-like consistency helps to provide full coverage.
  • Amazing on all types of surfaces including metal, paper, wood, and so on.


  • A little bit overpriced.

Our Verdict: Many professional fishing enthusiasts have liked this amazing set for its flexibility. The set offers a large variety of color choices.

What Paint to Use for Painting Fishing Lures?

When it comes to painting fishing lures, it’s important to choose paints that are durable, resistant to water and abrasion, and capable of adhering well to the lure’s surface. Here are a few types of paint that are commonly used and can be ideal for painting lures.

Acrylic Paint: Acrylic paints are popular for lure painting due to their versatility, wide color range, and ability to adhere well to the surfaces. They dry quickly, have good color opacity, and can be easily thinned with water or mediums for airbrushing.

Powder Paint: Powder paint is a unique type of paint that is applied by electrostatically charging the lure and then baking it to cure the paint. This results in a durable, chip-resistant finish. Powder paint is often used for jig heads and other metal lures. It offers a wide range of color options and is relatively easy to apply.

Vinyl Paint: Vinyl paints are flexible, water-resistant, and provide good adhesion to various lure materials, including plastic. They can withstand repeated exposure to water and are less likely to crack or peel. Vinyl paints are typically available in spray can form, making them convenient for application.

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Airbrush Paint Vs Normal Paint for Fishing Lures

Painting fishing lures offers a choice between two primary contenders: airbrush paint and normal paint. Airbrush paint and normal paint possess unique qualities and advantages that make them well-suited for specific applications. Let’s explore their characteristics and compare their strengths to determine which option prevails.

1. Application Method

   – Airbrush Paint: Airbrush paint is specifically designed for use with an airbrush tool. It provides a smooth and controlled application. It is sprayed onto the lure in a fine mist, allowing for precise detailing and shading.

   – Normal Paint: Normal paint, such as acrylic or enamel, is typically applied with brushes, sponges, or other conventional painting tools. This method requires more manual dexterity and can result in uneven coverage if not applied carefully.

2. Versatility

   – Airbrush Paint: Airbrush paint offers a wide range of colors, including metallic and transparent options. It can create intricate patterns, fades, and blends, making it ideal for creating realistic fish scales or lifelike designs.

   – Normal Paint: Normal paint also comes in various colors, but it may not offer the same level of detail and control as airbrush paint. However, it can still be used effectively for basic color blocking and simpler designs.

3. Finish

   – Airbrush Paint: Airbrush paint typically provides a smooth and even finish. It can result in a professional-looking, glossy or matte surface, depending on the type of paint used.

   – Normal Paint: Normal paint can leave brush strokes or texture on the lure’s surface. It may not be as visually appealing or as smooth as airbrushed finishes.

4. Drying Time and Durability

   – Airbrush Paint: Airbrush paint usually dries quickly, especially if specifically designed for fast-drying. It can adhere well to various lure materials and withstand exposure to water, making it more durable for fishing purposes.

   – Normal Paint: The drying time for normal paint depends on the type and brand. It generally takes longer than airbrush paint to fully cure. Additionally, the durability may vary depending on the paint type and the surface of the lure.

5. Learning Curve and Skill Requirements

   – Airbrush Paint: Airbrushing requires some learning and practice to master the technique. Achieving desired effects and maintaining consistency might take time and experience.

   – Normal Paint: Using normal paint with brushes is more accessible for beginners. However, achieving intricate details and effects may be more challenging.

How to Paint Fishing Lures?

Painting fishing lures can be a fun activity that allows you to customize your lures to your preferences. Check this step-by-step guide on how to paint fishing lures. This guide is designed to paint lures with acrylic paint.

Materials you need:

  • Fishing lures
  • Sandpaper (200-400 grit)
  • Primer (optional)
  • Acrylic paints (water-based)
  • Fine paintbrushes (various sizes)
  • Paint mixing surface
  • Clear coat
  • A drop cloth
  • Masking tape (optional)
  • Gloves (optional)

Step 1: Preparation

– Start by selecting the fishing lures you want to paint. It’s best to choose lures that have a smooth surface and are clean of any dirt or debris.

– If you’re working with previously painted lures, use sandpaper to lightly roughen the surface. This helps the new paint adhere better.

– Clean the lures thoroughly to remove any oils, dirt, or residue. You can use a mild detergent and water, followed by rinsing and drying them completely.

Step 2: Priming (optional)

– If your lures have a dark or glossy surface, applying a primer can help create a better base for the paint.

– Choose a primer specifically designed for the material of your lures (plastic).

– Apply the primer and allow it to dry completely.

Step 3: Design Planning

– Before starting to paint, decide on the design and colors you want to use for lures. You can draw a rough sketch or use reference images to guide you.

Step 4: Painting

– Place a drop cloth on your work surface to protect it from paint spills.

– Squeeze out small amounts of your desired acrylic paint colors onto a paint mixing surface.

– Start painting the lure with a base color. Use a fine brush to apply thin, even coats of paint.

– Use different brush sizes to add finer details, such as patterns and stripes. Take your time and be patient during this process.

– If you want to create more intricate designs, you can use masking tape to create clean lines.

– Layer the paint gradually. Allow each layer to dry completely, until you achieve the desired opacity and vibrancy.

– Remember to clean your brushes in water between color changes.

Step 5: Drying and Finishing

– Once you have finished painting the lure, let it dry completely. This may take a few hours or overnight, depending on the paint and its thickness.

– If desired, you can apply a clear coat to protect the paint and provide a glossy finish. Choose a coat designed for the material of your lure.

With these steps, you should be able to paint your fishing lures and create unique designs that suit your fishing style. Remember to practice and experiment to improve your painting skills over time.

Final Thoughts

The choice of the best fishing lure paints depends on the angler’s personal preferences and fishing conditions. It is crucial to consider factors such as water clarity, target fish species, and desired visual effects when selecting a paint. Experimenting with different paints can also lead to the discovery of unique combinations that prove highly effective in specific fishing situations.

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