Can You Ceramic Coat Single Stage Paint?

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Yes, it is possible to ceramic coat single stage paint without any ill effects. But for that, you need to be very careful as ceramic coating can occur blotchiness on single stage paint sometimes.

To solve this problem, the application of quick nice polish of Essence can make your ceramic coat look fabulous without any negative impact. Many people with single stage paint on their cars look for a ceramic coating-like effect on them. It’s because ceramic coating enhances the beauty of single stage paint and provides a very sleek yet glazy feature on the car.

can you ceramic coat single stage paint
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However, following a proper method for applying a ceramic coating is another important factor to adopt. Otherwise, blotchiness might ruin the wholesome look of your car after a wrong application of ceramic coat. Applying a proper polish with the right procedure can only save your single stage painted car from having blotches through ceramic coat application.

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Can You Ceramic Coat Single Stage Paint?

Ceramic coating on single stage paint is possible but the fact is if the coat will last longer or tend to make any blotchiness or not. Single stage paint is easier to apply as it only requires only two steps – one is cleaning the surface properly and the other step is applying the paint with a careful mind. A single coat is enough in this case. It even does not require any finish with a clear coat in the end as well.

Still, single stage paint is immensely reliable for promising chemicals that it carries. These chemicals offer actual adhesion and absolute durability of the paint. Besides an easier application method, this single stage paint brings glossiness and color in just one coat without any bumps and blotches. But when you think of applying a ceramic coat to it, you need to consider a lot of facts.

Also, as single stage paint as automotive paint does not require any clear coat afterward, some people become suspicious about applying another coat of ceramic over it. But applying a ceramic coat needs only some preparations like you do when applying a clear coat to paint.

Applying proper polish on the paint can make your application of ceramic coat a lot better. Therefore, we can agree to the fact that it is 100% possible to ceramic coat single stage paint following the right procedure.

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Potential Challenges of Ceramic Coating Single-stage Paint

Ceramic coating single stage paint can bring both advantages and challenging disadvantages. You can get an extra protective layer on your car after applying a ceramic coat and save the paint from getting exposed to UV rays, acid rains, and other natural chemical disturbances.

Besides the hydrophobic nature of ceramic coats won’t let raindrops, or liquids to be penetrated deep into the surface and ruin the paint. Rather liquids would turn into beads and roll down leaving the surface unaffected.

All these advantages together help the paint to preserve its actual color and bring back the real vibrant color of it. But when facing its downsides, you might find the job of applying ceramic coating challenging too.

For example, if you don’t prepare the surface, the ceramic coat will not adhere to the surface properly. As a result, you will face blotchiness on the paint. This can ruin the look of your car. Ceramics, as a glazy component, requires a surface that will help it penetrate deep into it. But single stage paint might not always offer that kind of surface.

It happens when you don’t follow the type of single stage paint that you are using on your car. There are several kinds of automotive paints available in the market in the name of single stage paint. Among them, not all are fit for the adoption of ceramic coating.

In this circumstance, if you still want to apply a ceramic coat, then things might get tougher to deal with. That’s why choose your product and step carefully to avoid potential challenges. Also, ceramic coating cannot always defend against scratches and marks.

You will witness water stains too to some extent if you leave the car unwiped. Proper maintenance for a long-lasting service is what seems more challenging to some users. Besides, the high cost of this coating should also be in your consideration as not all people can afford ceramic coating on their car.

How to Apply Ceramic Coating to Single Stage Paint?

Ceramic coating has become globally very renowned for its shiny and rich attempt to make a car look enchanting. But if you are a DIYer and want to ceramic coat single stage paint on your car, then following the next steps will lead you to the right path.

Step 1: Clean Your Car

You need to start off by giving vigorous yet proper cleaning to your car. Apply soapy water and cleanse your car appropriately. You can also use commercial cleaning products for deep cleaning. Also, a clay bar can help you to rinse your car greatly after a hand wash of the car.

This will bring back the fresh color of your paint to a great extent. For grime on the metal parts, you can use a degreaser. This will pull out the grease and layers of irons on metal parts like rims, wheels, and handles of your car. After using any degreaser, give another clean with soapy water to remove the residue as well.

Step 2: Dry Your Car

You cannot move on to the next step until you let your car dry completely. To let out the excessive water, you can let your car rest for some minutes. But it won’t be wise to let water sit on the car for so long and leave water stains as a consequence.

That’s why you need to wipe out the extra water using a microfiber towel or drying cloth. Make sure the towel is clean and also it has to be paint-friendly, otherwise, it can leave light scratches on your car. Apart from that, you can also use a blow-dryer for a quick drying method.

Step 3: Apply Polish

The next step is to get ready with a polisher. It is an important step as your ceramic coating needs some to adhere to the surface properly and this polisher will do this job. Before polishing your car, make sure you have let it dry completely out and out. Otherwise, the reaction of the polisher with water only will ruin the adhesion capacity of the surface.

Also, you need to keep in mind in this crucial stage that single stage paint is prone to get damaged. That’s why polishing it won’t be easy unless you are giving your best attention. The polisher will do the job of paint correction. You can use Carpro Essence as it is now leading the market big time. Or, you can use a polishing pad with a light texture. Don’t overdo the polishing as it can ruin single stage paint.

Step 4: Apply Ceramic Coating

Once you are done with the polishing step, you can now turn to the most expected step and that is to apply ceramic coating. Make sure the car is dry fully again. Then using an applicator pad made of microfiber, you can thoroughly apply a ceramic coating on the surface of single stage paint.

Don’t run your applicator pad with ceramic on the same spot more than twice. Carefully run the pad either in a circular motion or in a pattern more like a cross hatch. You can do the application by sectioning your car for the right pattern.

Step 5: Let It Cure

After applying a ceramic coat on single stage paint of your car, your manual job is done. But you need to let the car dry properly. The coating will take almost 48 hours to dry properly. You cannot take it outdoors and make it exposed to rain or water. Also, make sure you don’t wash the car until it’s 2 full weeks after the application of the ceramic coat, and your job of waiting is done there.

Maintenance Tips for Ceramic Coated Single-stage Paint

As ceramic-coated single stage paint looks highly rich and shiny, its maintenance is also necessary. Nothing is resistant to decay and your ceramic coated single stage paint will not last longer on your car if you don’t take care of it properly.

Make sure you remove the dust and debris from your car regularly. Also, clean the damp dirt instantly before they leave any permanent scar on your car. Anytime your car gets exposed to raindrops, wipe out the moisture with a microfiber dry clean cloth.

Also, while washing your car, you can adopt shampoo specially formulated for ceramic coated cars. A regular wash after 1 or 2 weeks will preserve the shiny look and vibrant color of your car for a long time. Also, wrap your car properly when you are not using it for a long time to save it from scratches and marks.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, applying a ceramic coat on single stage paint is a very cool idea as it offers a fine look to your car. The right way can give you an immensely good result with a ceramic coating. Therefore, follow our rules and methods of applying ceramic coat on single stage paint and let your car shine thoroughly.

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