How to Dye a Synthetic Wig with Acrylic Paint?

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Only a hairstyle or hair color can bring a huge change to your entire look. But many do not want a hair color since not everyone wants a permanent solution. Yet, if you own a synthetic wig, dyeing it can help you for fulfilling your temporary fascination.

It is the most affordable and simplest way to have a different hairstyle and many choose to do it with acrylic paint. Therefore, people often search for ways on how to dye a synthetic wig with acrylic paint.

Acrylic paint is a great option to dye your synthetic hair. It keeps the hair and its softness protected by not hurting the fibers. Also, giving a vibrant look, acrylic paint can make your hair look new and fresh again.

how to dye a synthetic wig with acrylic paint
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While applying on the wig, mixing the paint with rubbing alcohol brings the best result ever. We are sure on this point that you want to know in detail. So, let’s discuss in-depth because superficial knowledge can lead you to danger.

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What Can I Use to Dye a Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic wigs come with hair strands of artificial materials. They are made of different kinds of fiber materials including acrylic, polyvinyl, polyester, and all. That is why regular hair colors do not work on them. In fact, the components of the usual dye color only damage the strands of synthetic wigs. Nonetheless, there are many materials that you can use to dye your synthetic wig. Some of them are given below.

  • Ink

If you can maintain the required carefulness, you can use ink for dyeing a synthetic wig. There are many risks in using inks for dyeing wigs. Ink tends to fade often and once it leaves a stain on anything it is hard to get them off.

Also, if you bring the dyed wig with ink close to the water you cannot even imagine the disaster it will cause. So, be extra careful and slowly move forward while dealing with ink to dye your wig.

  • Marker

A marker that is resistant to water and comes with your desired color tone is also a countable material for dyeing synthetic wig. It is also a convenient material with easy applying facilities especially when you want to make the highlighting only. Though it takes some time yet the result is pretty good. You can apply it on some curly strands of your wig. After applying the marker, let the strands dry and then comb the wig.

  • Colors Made for Synthetics

There are different colors available in the market in both liquid and powdery forms for dyeing synthetics, fur, plastics, and related materials. They come with a wider range of color options to offer your desired shade. Applying them to the synthetic wig is also easy. But make sure you are following the instructions before getting started.

  • Fabric Paint

Fabric paints are often suggested by professionals in the case you want to dye your favorite synthetic wig. These paints are also the best option when you want to get your desired shade. You can also mix the paints to bring your required color. Nonetheless, you need to dip the wig in the paint and water solution for about three days to dye it properly.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint to Dye Synthetic Hair?

We have already mentioned that fabric paints are best suited for coloring synthetic hair wigs. And acrylic paint is so far the best and fair solution to this issue. If you want to keep your wig from being damaged, you can dye it with acrylic paint without any second thought. It is also a great idea to give a new look to your pesky wig.

To dye your wig with acrylic paint, you won’t have to bleach the wig. Bleaching wigs might destroy the fiber materials especially when it is synthetic. Additionally, acrylic paint works great if your synthetic wig is light-colored. So, yes, you can certainly use acrylic paint to dye synthetic hair.

How to Dye a Synthetic Wig with Acrylic Paint?

Dyeing synthetic wig with acrylic paint is the easiest thing on earth. Anyone can do this if he or she knows the process. So, let’s get to the process step by step. But before that, you will need some materials near your hand for the completion of the process.

Materials Required:

  • A light-colored wig
  • Wig head
  • A stand
  • Required acrylic paint
  • A bowl
  • Plastic bags or newspaper
  • Hand gloves
  • Tinting brush
  • Comb
  • Clips
  • Hairdryer

Now that you have got everything near your hand, it is time to start with the steps one by one.

Step – 1: Make a Setup

To be done with the entire process, first of all, you need to set things up to create a better working environment. Wherever you are working, make sure the place is well-ventilated.

Moreover, since this task is a bit messy, wrap the floor with plastic bags or cardboard pieces to protect your place. You can also use newspapers for covering up the workstation. After covering the area, set the wig head on a stand along with the synthetic wig on the head.

Step – 2: Make a Solution

Method 1: Take rubbing alcohol in a bowl and then mix the paint. Well, here you need to do some calculations. If you take excess rubbing alcohol and add only a little amount of acrylic paint, it will provide a light tint on the wig.

On the other hand, if you add excess paint to the little amount of rubbing alcohol, it will give a darker color to the wig. Now, it is up to your need and requirement. So, making a solution to maintain a balanced ratio is a bit tough.

However, if you mistakenly make it darker and already apply it, making it lighter is a bit tough. Still, you can slightly make it lighter if you dust the wig with corn starch. Baby powder also helps a bit in this purpose.

Method 2: You can also make the solution in a small spray bottle. Pour about 3 tablespoons of the rubbing alcohol in the sprayer bottle. Add acrylic paint about 1.23 ml in the bottle and shake it well.

Depending on the amount of using rubbing alcohol you can make your solution more or less opaque. If you would like to have a lively color, then add less amount of the compound. Increase the amount if you desire for a lighter and translucent color.

Step – 3: Section off the Wig

It is an optional step but it will make the process easier. Dyeing the wig according to the sections of the wig makes sure an even distribution of color. So, start sectioning the strands from one side of the wig.

When you section off some portion of the strands, make sure to clip them up. The clips will hold up the sections properly and separately so that you do not feel trouble while dyeing them. This way, keep sectioning off the entire hairs of the synthetic wig.

Step – 4: Start Dyeing

At this point when you are done with separating the wig strands in sections by sections, it is time you start to dye. But before that, put on the hand gloves. Now start dyeing using a tinting brush. Do not worry about messing up. You have covered your working area and you are dyeing the entire synthetic wig using the same acrylic paint solution.

If you are going to spray the paint, then make sure you spray each section keeping a distance of about 6-inches. Spray all the sections properly leaving no strand uncolored. Let all the strands be saturated with the paint.

Step – 5: Air Dry the Wig

After applying the paint to the wig, let it air dry for up to two hours. Be aware of the fact that during air drying, the applied paint might drip off the hair. So, do not move the stand from the covered area. Now, to check if the wig is dry properly, run your fingers through the strands. If your fingers catch paint, then let the wig dry for one more hour.

Step – 6: Rinse the Wig and Dry Again

When the wig dries completely, rinse it with water. Make sure the water is cold. You will notice some paint is coming off as well while rinsing. That is normal since only the additional paint is coming off the wig. So, keep rinsing.

After rinsing properly, dry the wig again. Use a hairdryer this time. When you are done, comb the synthetic wig and see the result. I am sure your first attempt has come out to be a great one.

Learn How to Dye a Synthetic Wig with Acrylic Paint

How Long Does Acrylic Paint Hair Dye Last?

Generally, acrylic paints come with highly durable components. Once you apply the paint on a synthetic wig, it is going to last for about six weeks and more. If you wash your wig frequently then it might last for about four weeks.


So, now you know the process to dye an old synthetic wig with acrylic paint. It is easy but requires some patience. Even though there are various options and materials to dye synthetic hair yet acrylic paint does it way better. This paint is capable of giving a desired long-lasting color to your favorite wig without even tangling the strands.

Moreover, the process might seem a bit messy and time-consuming yet it is a cheap way to fulfill your desire. So, grab your desired color from the acrylic paint and get started with your wig. Happy dyeing!

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