The Best Airbrush Cleaner Reviews [For Acrylic Paint & Others]

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An airbrush makes painting pretty quick and easy and is loved by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. If you have already worked with airbrushes, you know how important it is to keep your airbrush clean. This is when you need an airbrush cleaner.

But with so many available options, finding the best airbrush cleaner can be tough. No worries, we got you covered.

best airbrush cleaner for acrylic paint
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In this buying guide, we’ll talk about good-quality airbrush cleaners for acrylic paint. We will also talk about what to look for when choosing the right airbrush cleaner. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional, this guide will help you choose the ideal airbrush cleaner for your next project.

Our Top Picks

Best Airbrush Cleaner Reviews (For Various Paints)

Not all airbrush cleaners are the best. So, we have analyzed many of the airbrush cleaners and found out some great options for you. Check them below.

1. Angelus Brush Cleaner for Air Brush Sprayers & Paint Brushes

A good quality airbrush cleaner will help you clean the airbrush fast and allow you to switch between acrylic colors seamlessly. If you are looking for an airbrush cleaning product that allows for easy cleaning, this Angelus brush cleaner is the product for you.

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It is easy to use, making it a suitable option for beginners. When it comes to choosing a cleaning product for your airbrush, you need to make sure the product is safe for both your health and the airbrush gun.

No worries about this cleaner because it is non-toxic and safe to use. You can even use this cleaner for paintbrushes. Lastly, this cleaner contains a conditioning agent to keep your brush bristles supple and soft.


  • This product is relatively easy to use.
  • The cleaner is non-toxic.
  • Works on both airbrushes and paintbrushes.


  • It can produce a smell that some users don’t like.

Our Verdict: Whether you are a beginner or a professional looking for an airbrush cleaner that is safe and easy to use, this Angelus brush cleaner can be your go-to option.

2. Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner

If you are looking for a multipurpose cleaner for your airbrush, Iwata-Medea airbrush cleaner can be an ideal option for you. It is a general-purpose cleaner that cleans various types of paint like acrylics, gouache, watercolors, inks, or dyes.

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So, with this amazing airbrush cleaner, you are not limited to cleaning acrylic paints only. And no worries about your specific airbrush model, it works great on all airbrush models. It also works on different types of natural-haired and synthetic paintbrushes.

You can even use it on technical pens for ultrasonic cleaning. This product is environmentally safe, so there are no worries about safety issues. Lastly, this multipurpose cleaner can be used to enhance the paint flow in your airbrush by simply applying it along the needle and the needle cap.


  • This cleaner works on various types of paint.
  • It can help enhance the paint flow in your airbrush.
  • Can be used on technical pens for ultrasonic cleaning.


  • Can cause moderate eye irritation.

Our Verdict: This cleaner can be used for multiple cases, from cleaning airbrushes to paintbrushes to technical pens. If you are looking for a multi-purpose cleaning product, we highly recommend it.

3. Vallejo Aux: Airbrush Cleaner

Are you looking for an airbrush cleaner for keeping your airbrush equipment in excellent condition? If so, this Vallejo airbrush cleaner can be the right thing for you. The cleaner helps remove stubborn paint residue from your airbrush to give you a better painting experience.

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It comes in a plastic squeeze bottle, so using this cleaner is considerably easy. Which makes it a great choice for people who are just starting out with airbrush painting. Using this cleaner regularly and maintaining airbrush cleanliness will prevent paint buildup, so you will be able to paint more efficiently.

The product is non-flammable and non-toxic, making it a safer option to work with. Lastly, this cleaner comes in a 17 ml. bottle, which contains enough cleaning solution for multiple uses.


  • Comes in a squeeze bottle for easy application.
  • It is non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • Convenient size makes it easier to carry anywhere.


  • Packaging should be improved.

Our Verdict: Definitely, it’s a good option if you’re looking for an airbrush cleaner that you can easily use, carry, and store.

4. TAMIYA 250ml Airbrush Cleaner

Anyone would love an airbrush cleaner that can be used for multipurpose. We are talking about the TAMIYA airbrush cleaner. It’s more than just an airbrush cleaner. Art enthusiasts even use this as the extra thin cement for their projects!

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So, purchasing a bottle of this not only works as a strong and effective airbrush cleaner but also serves the purpose of extra thin cement at a low price. That’s why it’s a win-win for art enthusiasts. In terms of cleaning, this TAMIYA cleaner works quite fast, allowing you to switch between colors easily.

As a result, you can focus more on your art without wasting time cleaning your airbrush. It not only cleans acrylic paints effectively but also other paint types, allowing you to work with different paint types on your project.


  • Can effectively clean different types of paint.
  • Comes in 250ml for multiple uses.
  • Can be used as extra thin cement.


  • Get hot easily and quickly.

Our Verdict: If you are a DIY enthusiast who uses airbrushes and makes models, this can serve both purposes. It not only works efficiently as a cleaner for airbrushes but also as the extra thin cement for projects.

5. Evo Dyne Multi-Purpose Airbrush Cleaning Kit

Removing acrylic paint from an airbrush requires care and a safe cleaning solution. An airbrush cleaner is an artist’s best friend, and every airbrush artist deserves a top-quality one. If you are looking for your perfect companion, this Evo Dyne airbrush cleaner awaits you!

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This is a multi-purpose cleaner. Its strong formula is suitable for cleaning different types of paint, from acrylic paints to gouache to ink and dye. It can be used not only for airbrushes but also for natural and synthetic-haired paintbrushes and technical pens.

With this excellent cleaner, you can switch between colors easily. Plus, it is non-toxic and safe to use. Whether you are a seasoned pro airbrush artist or a beginner trying out the airbrush for the first time, it can be a great choice for your projects.


  • Works effectively on different types of paints.
  • Can be used for multiple cleaning purposes.
  • It has been certified as non-toxic.


  • The product seems a bit pricey.

Our Verdict: If you want to use a cleaning product not only for cleaning airbrushes but also for paintbrushes and technical pens, this product can be a go-to option for you.

6. Createx Airbrush Cleaner

If you want a product to keep your airbrush in good shape, this Createx airbrush cleaner can be a handy choice. Since this comes in a 4 Fl Oz pack, it is suitable for small-scale projects and can be carried and stored easily.

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If you use multiple colors while working with an airbrush, there is always a hassle to clean the airbrush gun. But no more with this Createx airbrush cleaner because it allows you to clean between switching colors easily and effectively.

It is suitable with airbrush guns from different manufacturers. Also, with regular use, it can prevent paint buildup and extend the longevity of your airbrush tool. Lastly, this product is easy to use, so it is a suitable option for beginners.


  • Suitable for small-scale projects.
  • Can be carried and stored with convenience.
  • Works on a variety of surfaces.


  • This is not an ideal choice for professional cleaning.

Our Verdict: This one can be a suitable option, if you want a multipurpose product that you can use for cleaning your airbrush. Since it comes in a small bottle, it will not occupy a lot of space, so it will be easy to store.

7. Chefmaster Airbrush Cleaner

The Chefmaster airbrush cleaner is formulated to clean your airbrush guns with ease. It efficiently dissolves paint and protects the gun from getting clogged. Also, it’s useful for removing the previous color easily. So, switching between colors will be easier without affecting the quality of your work.

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This cleaner is designed to be suitable for use with any brand of airbrush gun, making it a go-to option for hobbyists and professional airbrush artists. Plus, the product is easy to use, making it a suitable option for people who are just starting out with airbrush painting.

Using this cleaning solution regularly can help prevent the paint buildup inside the airbrush gun, ensuring optimal performance and extending the longevity of the gun.


  • Designed to work with any airbrush gun.
  • Can efficiently clean the gun between switching colors.
  • It is a suitable option for beginners.


  • Not a great option for larger project.

Our Verdict: This is a simple cleaning product that works great on your airbrush. For the price, it’s can be an ideal product if you don’t want anything fancy.

8. Master Airbrush Cleaner – Fast Acting Cleaning Solution

For a large-scale airbrush painting project, you need a large airbrush cleaner, which is when the Master airbrush cleaner comes in handy. It comes in a large 473ml volume and is suitable for larger projects. This is a great tool for professionals and art enthusiasts because it is suitable for all styles of airbrushes.

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If your creative hands are not limited to working with airbrushes only, this product can still be the right choice for you because it can clean various artists’ tools such as paintbrush bristles and technical pens.

The solution is suitable for cleaning clogged airbrushes and quick cleaning for switching colors easily. Lastly, this product is able to clean acrylics, water-based paint, watercolors, gouache, tanning solution, inks, makeup, and more from your airbrush.


  • Can be used to clean various artist’s tools.
  • Can clean paints of different types, including acrylic.
  • The product is easy to use and clean.


  • To many users, it doesn’t smell good.

Our Verdict: It can effectively remove various types of paint including acrylic, watercolor, inks, and so on. So, it can be a great choice for professionals.

Things to Consider when Buying an Airbrush Cleaner for Paints

An airbrush cleaner is essential to any airbrush artist. Whether you need to switch between colors, or you are done painting for the day and want to start the next day, you will need to clean the brush properly to get your desired results.

When it comes to choosing an airbrush cleaner, there are plenty of options available, which may leave you thinking about which is the suitable airbrush cleaner for acrylic paint. Here, we will talk about the things you need to consider when choosing the right airbrush cleaner for your project.

Compatibility with acrylic paint:

The first thing you need to look for when purchasing an airbrush cleaner is whether the product is compatible with acrylic paint. Some airbrush cleaners may be more effective and compatible with a specific type of paint.

That’s why you need to choose a product that suits the acrylic paint the most. You can check this from the manufacturer’s information, and you are most likely to find it on the label of the product.

Cleaner materials:

The next thing you should remember is the cleaner’s chemical composition. Airbrush cleaners contain chemicals that help clean the paint from the airbrush. However, if the cleaner contains harsh chemicals, it may damage the airbrush or the paint.

Some low-quality cleaners may contain chemicals that can be harmful to health. So, make sure you choose a product that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that can be hazardous to your health or your airbrush.

Effectiveness of application:

When it comes to cleaning paint from airbrushes, you will find some cleaning products that can clean relatively faster. This can be due to the strength of the product. So, consider the cleaning strength of the product, and make sure you select a product that works more efficiently on acrylic paint.

Ease of use:

Always pick a cleaner that is easy to use. Try to go for ready-made cleaners instead of picking products that require you to mix the different solutions manually.

Size of the product:

If you are not a professional but a DIY enthusiast who frequently uses airbrushes for small-scale projects, you should consider the size of the cleaner according to your project size. You don’t need to go for larger cans of cleaners, you should pick smaller cleaning products to avoid wasting them.


It’s surprisingly true that the price of the cleaner can be directly linked to the effectiveness of the product. You may need to pay more for a better-quality product. However, don’t compromise the quality for the cost. We always recommend going for high-quality products, even though you need to pay more.

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How to Clean Acrylic Paint from an Airbrush?

Airbrush cleaning can be a bit tricky if you don’t know the right procedure. Today, we are breaking down the entire airbrush cleaning procedure into some simple and easy-to-understand steps. Follow the steps below to clean your airbrush.

Step 1: Dump out the remaining paint

The first step to cleaning your airbrush is to clean the paint remaining inside the airbrush gun. Turn the gun over and let the paint drip. Also, shake the gun to get rid of paint as much as you can. Use a medium-sized bowl or a waste bin to avoid messing up your workspace.

Step 2: Disassembling the airbrush gun

Now, it’s time to disassemble your gun. If you are a beginner, we certainly don’t recommend disassembling the airbrush gun, unless you have proper knowledge of its internal architecture.

If you don’t have proper knowledge about the parts and architecture, you can get help from an experienced person to disassemble and practice yourself a couple of times before deep cleaning.

Anyway, you can disassemble your airbrush gun in the following method:

  • First, unscrew the cap that covers the needle, after that, take off the nozzle cap.
  • Take off the nozzle from the airbrush gun.
  • Hold the gun’s back part and take it off gently.
  • Take off the chucking nut that holds the needle in place.
  • Finally, pull out the needle from the body of the airbrush gun.

Step 3: Cleaning the parts

Take a small bowl that is large enough to hold the disassembled parts and fill it with an airbrush cleaning solution. Now, dip the parts in the solution and let them soak in it for roughly 10–15 minutes. Keep in mind, soaking the parts in the solution for a long time can damage the gun.

After soaking, you can use a wet cloth to wipe the small parts to remove the visible paint. Additionally, you can use cotton swabs and pipe cleaners to thoroughly clean the hard-to-reach areas.

Step 4: Rinsing the parts in water

Once you are done cleaning the parts with cloth and cotton swabs, you need to rinse them with distilled water to get rid of any traces of the cleaning solution. So, pour some warm distilled water into a small bowl and rinse the parts thoroughly.

Step 5: Let the parts dry

Now, take the parts out of the water and shake them to get rid of the remaining water inside. Place them in your workspace and let them dry.

Step 6: Reassembling and testing

Reassemble the airbrush gun in the following way:

  • Begin by placing the needle inside.
  • Place the nozzle gently and tighten it.
  • Fasten the needle chucking nut by screwing it on.
  • Gently place the needle cap and nozzle cap in their respective positions.
  • Lastly, place the back cover of the gun.

Once you are done assembling, take some water in the paint cup of your airbrush gun and test it to see if it is working as it is supposed to.

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What Dissolves Acrylic Paint in Airbrush?

There are several options available to dissolve acrylic paint in an airbrush. Take a look at some easily accessible options.

Water: Water can help thin acrylic paint in an airbrush. It is the most accessible option available.

Isopropyl Alcohol: A high percentage of isopropyl alcohol can effectively dissolve acrylic paint in an airbrush. However, keep in mind that you need to use a high percentage of it to make it work effectively. You need to make sure that the cleaning solution contains at least 91% of isopropyl alcohol.

Acrylic Airbrush Cleaner: Lastly, you can purchase some airbrush cleaning products that are specifically designed to dissolve acrylic paint in the airbrush. This can be the most effective option compared to the two above.

Can You Thin Acrylic Paint with Airbrush Cleaner?

Though it is technically possible to use an airbrush cleaner to thin acrylic paint, we always recommend using a dedicated acrylic paint thinner to thin the paint. An airbrush cleaner that is specifically designed to dissolve acrylic paint from the airbrush. So, it can work as a thinner.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the chemical properties and the chemical ratios in the cleaner can be different from thinners, which can ultimately impact the final result. So, if you are planning to use airbrush cleaner as a paint thinner, make sure you carefully check the manufacturer’s instructions and decide whether to use it or not.

Final Thoughts

An airbrush cleaner is an everyday tool for every airbrush artist. A good quality airbrush cleaner helps you clean the airbrush gun quickly so that you can switch to a new color as fast as possible. Also, it helps remove stubborn paint that sits inside the gun.

In this buying guide, we talked about some good quality airbrush cleaning products. So, instead of getting overwhelmed by all the products on the market, you can choose from our top picks that fit your project best.

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