Does Kelly Moore Take Old Paint? [Things to Know]

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Kelly Moore has a special program that takes old paint. You might know that Kelly Moore is a company specializing in paint products and solutions.

In an era of heightened environmental awareness, the responsible disposal of old paint has become a pressing concern.

does kelly moore take old paint
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Kelly-Moore Paints Company is renowned for its exceptional paint products and for its commitment to sustainable practices. With the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of discarded paint, Kelly Moore offers a PaintCare program. Under this program, old paint is taken care of.

Does Kelly Moore Take Old Paint?

The aim of Kelly Moore Paints is to simplify old paint disposal through sustainable solutions. Nowadays, the responsible disposal of old paint has emerged as a critical concern for both individuals and communities alike.

Recognizing this need, Kelly-Moore has stepped up to the plate with an innovative approach. This approach underscores their commitment to both quality products and sustainable practices.

Kelly Moore Paints has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. This brand is renowned not only for its extensive range of paints but also for its dedication to environmental stewardship.

Their PaintCare program exemplifies this commitment by providing customers with a convenient and eco-friendly solution for handling old paint. The PaintCare program offers customers a hassle-free way to part ways with leftover paint. This ensures that it doesn’t end up in landfills or harm the environment.

By collaborating with local communities and adhering to state regulations, Kelly Moore Paints facilitates the collection and proper management of old paints. This program is an illustration of their environmental responsibility. Moreover, it is also a demonstration of their support for the communities they serve.

To participate in the PaintCare program, customers can visit designated drop-off locations where old paint is accepted. This initiative aids in waste reduction. Moreover, it contributes to the sustainable cycle of paint production and disposal.

By making it convenient for customers to dispose of old paint responsibly; Kelly Moore Paints empowers individuals to make environmentally conscious choices.

Kelly-Moore sets an example by offering customers more than just paint products. They provide an avenue for making a positive impact on the environment. So, the next time you find yourself wondering about the fate of that old can of paint in your garage, remember about Kelly Moore. The company will take your old paint.

What You Can Recycle at Kelly-Moore Paints?

Kelly-Moore offers their recycling program, known as PaintCare. This program provides a convenient and responsible way to dispose of certain paint products. Let’s see what you can recycle at Kelly-Moore Paints.

  • Accepted Paint Types

The PaintCare program primarily accepts old latex paint and oil-based paint for recycling.

  • Original Containers

Paint cans must be in their original containers with the original label intact. This helps in identifying the paint type and ensuring proper handling.

  • Liquid State

Paint should be in a liquid state and not solidified or dried out. This ensures that the paint can be properly processed and recycled.

  • Limitations on Quantity

There might be limitations on the amount of paint you can drop off per visit. It’s recommended to check with your local Kelly Moore Paints store or their website for specific guidelines.

  • Proper Sealing

To ensure safety during transportation, make sure the paint cans are properly sealed to prevent leaks. Transporting them upright is also advisable.

  • Local Regulations

It’s important to be aware of any local regulations regarding the disposal and recycling of paint. The PaintCare program complies with state regulations to ensure environmentally responsible practices.

What Are the Conditions if Kelly-Moore Takes Old Paints?

Kelly-Moore Paints offers a proper disposal and recycling of old paints through their PaintCare program. However, there are certain conditions and guidelines to ensure the process is efficient and effective.

Firstly, the program generally accepts latex paint and oil-based paint. The paint must be in the exact same container with the initial label attached. Additionally, the paint must be liquid and not hardened or dried off.

The program may also place limitations on the quantity of paint that may be delivered in a single visit. For particular information on permitted amounts and any applicable costs, it is advised to contact your neighborhood Kelly-Moore Paints store or visit their official website.

It is advised that paint cans be securely sealed and stored upright to ensure safety during travel. Bringing in paint that satisfies these requirements promotes a quick and eco-friendly recycling procedure.

Additionally, it supports the business’s dedication to environmental responsibility and safe paint disposal. Before attempting to recycle your old paint, always double-check the most recent instructions straight from Kelly Moore Paints.

Final Words

The PaintCare program from Kelly-Moore Paints is a prime example of their commitment to both quality and sustainability. They enable consumers to contribute to a cleaner future by providing a simple method for recycling used latex and oil-based paints.

The success of the program is ensured by following rules about the original container and liquid condition. By making these efforts, Kelly-Moore Paints promotes ethical paint disposal and emphasizes their dedication to environment approaches. Moreover, by these efforts they are having a beneficial influence on both the local community and the globe as a whole.

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