How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Light Pole?

Painting an object brings a warm look and significant change for sure. Otherwise, why would you think of painting a light pole, right? It is evident that a light pole is not just a simple object and definitely requires more if you attempt to paint it.

how much does it cost to paint a light pole
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Mostly, people ask a frequent question that is how much does it cost to paint a light pole?

Well, the cost of painting a light pole depends on several circumstances. Installing a new light pole after removing the old one and then painting it would cost you more. But an individual light pole would ask not more than 100$ for painting. However, things don’t end here. For different purposes, the cost can go up or down.

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What Are the Materials of a Light Pole?

Light poles are not just supposed to lighten up the space; they are also a means of decorating and beautifying the surroundings too. You will see light poles of different materials. According to the budget, you can adopt the material you want for your space.

A light pole can be made of concrete, metal, aluminum, or wood. Also, they can be made of copper. People select materials regarding the weather and climate situation of the area. The metal and concrete-made light poles have the best energy to stand all situations.

And then comes wood and then aluminum. Because aluminum or copper-made light poles tend to get rusty and lose their lifespan easily, painting them saves the light poles from rust and corrosion and provides them a great lifespan.

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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Light Pole?

Mostly the amount it requires to paint a light pole depends if you want to remove the old light pole and bring about a new one or not. Also, this fact depends on if you are having a top-notch material-based light pole or simple material-based ones.

For a high quality materials-made light pole, it will cost you around $2000 to buy. But the installation might cost you an extra one thousand dollars if it is in a renowned area. And for painting, each pole might cover $100 to $200. So, overall, the approximate estimation crosses $3000 at best.

This approximate result can vary regarding material condition, area supremacy, and weather demands. Besides, the cost can also vary from contractor to contractor. But it should not cost more than $2100$ to $3000.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Light Pole?

You can adopt several types of paints to apply them to your light pole. According to your desire, you can choose high-gloss outdoor paint, semi-gloss paint, or satin finish paint. But these paints have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The paint with a high-gloss finish on the metal-based light pole stands out but the problem is the defects and mistakes can be seen prominently. That’s why avoiding the paint for outside use is the best way to deal. Then again, the semi-gloss finish also stands out and the defects and damages do not pop out like the former one.

Therefore, you can easily adopt the semi-gloss finish paint. However, the best way to deal with your light poles regarding painting is to give them a satin finish. It gives off a little bit of reflective yet a matt-styled finish and the result stays for a long time.

How Do You Paint a Metal Light Pole?

There is a certain way to paint a metal light pole. You need to follow the steps of the way to get a satisfactory result.

First, check if the metal light pole is all new. Then you don’t need to fix it or remove any rust. Just rinse the metal with fresh water to remove every speck of dust.

Second, when the metal light pole is all dry, apply a single or double coat of primer thinly. Make sure every time you apply the primer the previous one gets enough time to dry.

Third, after the thin application of primer, when it is dried fully, you can apply an oil-based metal paint or acrylic latex paint. Oil-based paints stay longer and can stand outside atmosphere for a pretty long time and the latter carries the agent of rust inhibitors.

Fourth, you need to apply several thin coats of paint. Make sure you give enough time to each coat to dry perfectly. And that’s how you paint a metal light pole.

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How Do You Paint an Outdoor Light Pole?

Outdoor light poles have to endure a lot of dangerous and crucial situations. That’s why the paint you are choosing for your light pole should be the accurate one. The steps you should follow are –

Step 1: Remove the delicate parts of the light pole if they are detachable. If not, then mask those areas including the sensor area of the lamp using tape.

Step 2: Remove the old paint and rust using a wire and good cleaning agent, fix the crevices with caulk, and give a nice and thorough clean to the light pole.

Step 3: While the light pole is all dry and fit, apply primer to increase the adhesion of the paint. Apply two or three coats of it thinly.

Step 4: Take the right paintbrush and then apply the paint properly. Apply the topcoat two times and make the paint pop out.

Step 5: Clean those detachable fixtures and reattach them to the light pole after the paint is all dried up. Then unmask the delicate areas including the sensor of the light and you are done with painting the outdoor light pole.

How Do You Paint Aluminum Light Pole?

You can easily paint an aluminum light pole. You can adopt spray paint for this. In this way, you will have more time saved too.

Firstly, clean the aluminum light pole with a normal cleaning agent. Make sure you avoid the sensor area and lamp of the light too.

Secondly, apply primer on the contaminant-free dry aluminum pole. It will be better if you apply etch primer to the surface. Then let the primer dry. Application of two or three coats of primer is pretty acceptable.

Thirdly, apply spray paint over the aluminum light pole. But make sure the primer is fully dried. Spray the pole from top to bottom thoroughly.

Fourthly, when the first coat dries, apply the spray paint again in the same manner. When the second application dries, it will give off a beautiful texture of the paint.

A helpful guide for you:

How Much Is a Light Pole Worth?

A light pole is a significant part of the road, houses, and many more. Their price depends on what material-based they are. Also, it depends on the design and quality of fixtures, sensor capability, and many more.

However, a solid light pole can cost you $2000 and in special cases, $2500 to $3000. And for the installation process, the cost exceeds to some extent as well.

Final Thoughts

It is important to look after the decoration of outdoor materials too. A light pole is a part of the good and aesthetic decoration. On top of that, painting can increase the durability of the light pole to a great extent.

That’s why it is important to learn the cost of painting these light poles so they can serve you for a long time.

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