How Much to Paint Side Skirts?

Not all cars have side skirts but some car enthusiasts must own them for several reasons. These are one of the most sought auto body kits that also require maintenance and most importantly, painting.

how much to paint side skirts
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So, if you are recently thinking of painting the side skirts of your car then you must be also wondering how much to paint side skirts!

Well, the cost of painting side skirts on both sides of a car may vary. However, the painting cost ranges from $100 to $350. Sometimes, you may have to pay more than this.

Nonetheless, to enlighten you with detailed information regarding the topic, bear with us till the end.

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How Much to Paint Side Skirts?

As we already mentioned, different people might answer a different number if you ask them how much they had to pay while painting their side skirts. But the amount remains in a specific range that is mostly $100 to $350.

However, some might also have to count almost 500 dollars to paint their side skirts. Yes, that is not surprising if you want quality paint and are willing to pay for that.

Moreover, some car owners want to paint both their side skirts and rear bumper. Thus, if you want to have both paintings done then it will cost around $400 to $500.

Again, the price range varies depending on the painter as well. Many people would simply go to a body shop for having the task done. However, most body shop painters will spray a cheaper paint over your pricey side skirts. Thus, they will also cost $100 to $200 for the task.

Then again, some shops charge around $150 to $200 for each side. However, the best deal you may find is $250 for both sides. It will not hurt your purse.

On the other hand, the custom modifiers use the best paint for spraying over the side skirt surface. Hence, they will also charge $350 to $500 or sometimes, more than that. In this case, the job includes priming, adhesion, painting, clear coating, and everything else.

How Much Does It Cost to Repaint Side Skirts?

If you need to repaint your car side skirts that means they are not new and must have rust in them. Thus, it will take more time to first prepare the surface of the side skirts and then repaint.

So, it is obvious that repainting side skirts would cost more than the first time painting them. It is simply because the labor of scratching off the paint and cleaning the rust will cost extra.

Nonetheless, the amount should not cross $900. Still, it might seem like a lot. But some body shops will do it charging around 600 dollars. Then again, custom modifiers would charge a lot more than this as they ensure quality and offers the best possible paint materials.

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How Do You Paint a Side Skirt?

You can consider painting a side skirt as a DIY task since you can actually do it by following the methods properly. Let’s know how to do it step by step.

Step – 1: Remove the Side Skirt

This is the first thing to do before you get started with the process. First, remove the bolt that is about 10mm in diameter and screwed it near the front.

After unscrewing the bolt, it is time to remove the plastic holding plugs from the car bottom. When you are done removing the plug, pull the side skirt firmly giving a slight pressure, it will come off from the car frame.

Step – 2: Clean Off the Side Skirt

After removing the side skirt, it is time to wash it thoroughly. To clean it off properly, you can also use a degreaser. It will remove all dirt and road tar off the side skirt.

Step – 3: Prepare the Surface

After cleaning off the side skirt from dust and tar, prepping is important. For this purpose, you will need sandpaper of around 400-grit.

Rub the sandpaper over the side skirt surface slightly so that it scratches off old paint along with the rust.

Step – 4: Apply Primer

Before applying the paint, it is important to apply the primer first. Professionals suggest applying plastic primer. It holds the paint very well and protects it from bumps and rock scratches.

About two light coats of primer would do the job perfectly. Let the primer coating dry before applying another layer or a layer of paint.

Step – 5: Apply Color Paint

After applying primer, select quality paint and start applying. You can apply several coats of paint over the surface of the side skirt. To make the paint job smooth, applying more than three coats of paint is necessary.

However, you have to make sure that each paint coat dries first before applying another paint layer. Generally, one day is enough to dry the paint coat properly.

Step – 6: Apply Clear Coat

The final task is to apply a clear coat. To have a perfect, seamless, and smooth paint job, applying a clear coat is a must. You should also apply several numbers of clear coats to make it long-lasting and look professional.

Applying coats after coats over a week period will do it just fine. You should not hurry the entire process. Let each coating dry completely. After finishing the job let the side skirt rest for one or two weeks.

By this time, the paint will stick to the surface properly creating a strong bond. When the wait is over, fix the side skirt to your car again.

About Painting Side Skirts:

Do Side Skirts Improve Performance?

Yes, to some extent side skirts are beneficial. These are basically the trim panels of a car that are attached beneath the side doors. They protect the lower portion of the cars from several bumps on the road.

Moreover, side skirts help to improve the aerodynamic performance of the car. They can prevent the air from interrupting the low-pressure front of the car that comes in from the sides.

That is why professionals suggest attaching the side skirts lower to the ground. This way they work better.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how much you need to spend to paint side skirts, you should get the job done. You can do it from any body shops or custom modifiers depending on your budget.

Also, since we have provided you with a DIY guideline about how to paint a side skirt, you can give the process a try. Just select the best quality paints and you will see the magic!

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