Does Painted Black Window Block Light?

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Painting windows white has always been proven classic and goes well with any home décor. But now painting window black is in trend and you must be also thinking of it. But the question arises does painted black window block light?

does painted black window block light
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Well, the question is legit since there are people who want to block the sunlight from entering their room. And the window that has black paint on it can block the light successfully. In fact, painting the windows more black than any other color is also a reasonable option. However, the blockage depends on the wavelength of the sunlight as well.

So, to get more information, keep up with us till the end and know everything.

Does Black Paint Block any Light?

Undoubtedly, black paint on windows can block light. But there are lights of different wavelengths. Hence, the answer mostly depends on the wavelength of light that is going to pass through it.

Nonetheless, visible light comes with a range of wavelengths from 750 nm to 350 nm. Black paint has a resisting strength towards the light of a certain wavelength. There is a certain way of working this out. When the light comes, the coating of paint stops it from penetrating. And then reflect off the substrate later escaping.

Then again, it also depends on the thickness of the paint. If you paint the window with a thick coating of several layers then it can also resist the gamma radiation entering the room.

Moreover, black color can absorb light. So, you need to put less effort when you intend to paint it black, whereas to paint other colors you may have to apply coatings that are twice the thickness of any hiding film.

Therefore, using black paint to block any light is considered a great idea.

What Does Black Paint Do to Sunlight?

There is something strange that happens between black paint and sunlight. Black paint can absorb it all, unlike other paint colors. The paint also absorbs the heat from the light.

Moreover, it is shown in studies that a black object when kept under sunlight, it maintains a cooler temperature of about 16 degrees Celsius.

Then again, studies have also proven that black paint can conserve energy by cutting carbon dioxide emissions to a great percentage.

Does Painted Black Window Block Light?

Consider black painted window is a good treatment to block light and nowadays, it has become a popular option.

But the question is how does it work?

Well, you may think the color can block all light. But the truth is it might absorb more light compared to an unpainted window but it will not block it all. In fact, even the paint with the darkest color cannot prevent the light entirely to pass through.

The amount mostly depends on the paint type and the thickness of the coatings. There are some paints that allow the light to scatter and glow around the window edges.

Amount of Light a Painted Black Window Block:

Compared to other paint colors, a black window can block out a remarkable amount of light. However, black color also has several levels of darkness. Thus, the amount depends on the level of darkness of the black paint.

Moreover, it also depends on the coating thickness. If not all, a black-painted window will block most of the light. Again, for your information, the amount also depends on the window thickness.

Affecting the Transmission of Light:

Speaking of light transmission, black paint can do it better compared to other light-color paints because darker colors absorb more light.

This indicates that when you paint black on your window surface, it reduces the amount of light that can pass through it. It is effective especially when you really do not want your room to be fully dark at day time. Also, it is suitable for a room if you want to make it a movie viewing.

Advantages of Painted Black Window

  • Blocks Light

First thing first, black windows can block a great deal of light from passing through them. Anyone who has a problem with direct or indirect sunlight or wants his room to be dark almost 24/7, must paint the windows black.

  • Cost-effective

Painting black is always cost-effective compared to other color paints. The color is easy to select and easy to buy and also, easy to apply. There is no chance the window will look bad once you apply black paint to it. In the case of applying other paint, you may not find it eye-pleasing and want to repaint with some darker color.

  • No Warping

Many people remain worried about the warping. Warping refers to the distortion of the surface shape due to several environmental facts like moisture or heat exposure. Nonetheless, with black paint, there is no chance of warping. Many windows are painted white since it has light reflective value.

However, black paint can offer more if you manage to select the paint with the right formulation.

  • Low Maintenance

It is another great reason why you should paint your windows black. Light colors always attract more dirt compared to darker ones. Black windows remain clean for a long time and do not require cleaning frequently.

However, there are some drawbacks to having black windows as well. That is black windows make the room smaller and a bit closed off whereas the white ones make it feel spacious. Moreover, it gives a dim vibe making it difficult to have an outside view.

Also, cleaning black windows is a bit tough since they show fingerprints and smudges more easily than other paint colors.

Can You Paint Windows Black to Block Sun?

Painting windows black to block the sun is arguably the best yet most stylish decision. So, yes, you can definitely paint your window black to block the sun. Especially, if you have vinyl or aluminum windows, then painting them black will make them look super cool.

Moreover, there are several advantages of painting windows black to block the sun. You may choose from any bold color but black is always a slayer. It will never look old or out of style.

Why to Paint Window Frames Black?

If you have good taste, you will notice a black window frame is all you want for your home. It makes your home look modern. Moreover, if the walls or siding of your home is painted light color, then painting the window frames black will give a striking contrast.

The black frame makes the window more defined and matches almost every design. Also, painting the window frames black is the easiest task on earth. Again, ancient castles also used to have black window frames. So, this style was around for a long time. Yet, black window frames are never out of trend.

How to Paint a Glass Window Black – Step by Step

Painting a glass window black is an easy task when you select the right paint and know the right method. A step-by-step guide to blackening glass windows is given below.

Step – 1: Prepare the Window

This is the very first thing to do before starting the paint job. You need to clean the glass surface and its edges properly with a microfiber towel. You can also use any window cleaner for this purpose.

However, while cleaning with paper towels, make sure there is no paper particles left on the surface. Otherwise, the particles will not allow the paint to adhere to the glass properly. Thus, use them sparingly to get rid of this problem.

Step – 2: Mask with Painter’s Tape

When you are done cleaning the windows, it is time to cover the areas where you do not want to spill the paint. Hence, it is suggested to cover the wooden outline of the windows by using painter’s tape.

You do not need to put excessive tape over the line. Otherwise, removing them will be tough. Rather make it easy by covering the lines with the right amount of tape only. Also, to make the right alignment while covering with painter’s tape, use a ruler or thin object to guide yourself right.

Step – 3: Apply the Paint

When you are done masking the outline, it is time to do the main task. Apply the paint using a bristled brush or you can also spray the paint. With the selection of the right black paint, spraying one coat over the glass window is enough. However, you can apply another coat of black paint to achieve thick color.

Step – 4: Unmask the Lines

When the paint dries to touch and cures properly, uncover the lines where you had applied the painter’s tape. After uncovering, voila, your job is done! Yes, it is that simple.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know if a painted black window blocks light or not, you can take your decision. Blackening window glasses offer many advantages for sure, but this is surely not the thing you want for your every room. Moreover, there are other many ways to block the light to pass through your windows. And most of them are also as effective as painting the windows black.

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