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can you paint over Raptor liner easily

Can You Paint over Raptor Liner: What You Need to Know

Are you planning to customize your truck bed with a new paint job, but it’s already coated with Raptor liner? If so, you may have this question in mind: can you paint over Raptor liner? Yes, you can paint over Raptor liner. But you will need to follow some steps with care that include proper […]

will paint remover damage tires

Will Paint Remover Damage Tires: What You Need to Know

When it comes to removing paint or any other stubborn residue from a vehicle, using a paint remover can be an effective solution. However, one question often arises – will paint remover damage tires? Paint remover contains some harsh chemicals that can damage tires. Even it can affect human health and the environment as well. […]

how to paint alloy sports bar

How to Paint Alloy Sports Bar?

Alloy sports bars are undoubtedly a great addition to your vehicle for their effectiveness and extra functionality. However, for its better appearance, you might give a thought to painting it. So, you find yourself asking how to paint alloy sports bar. Well, its painting is easy but also a bit tricky and sometimes time-consuming as […]

can you paint an air cooled engine

Can You Paint an Air Cooled Engine?

Air cooled engines are surely one of the best inventions to avoid coolant leakage problems. With fewer parts, the machine is lightweight and comes with several advantages. Hence, for having a metal part, you might ask, can you paint an air cooled engine? Well, painting an air cooled engine to some extent helps improve the […]

how to stop paint from peeling off plastic bumper

How to Stop Paint from Peeling Off Plastic Bumper?

We have all seen paint peeling off a plastic bumper. Whether the paint is just starting to get loose, or all of the paint has come loose and is hanging down, it’s a bad situation. The paint will begin to chip as soon as you begin driving around. Initially, this small issue may not seem […]

how much does it cost to paint a fender

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Fender?

Has your fender been scratched or dented while driving? No worries, we all make mistakes. However, scratches on the fender are just scratches, and a big dent is just a ding until your wife finds out! If the fender is scratched, there isn’t much you can do, so let’s talk man-to-man: how much does it […]

how to paint fiberglass spoiler

How to Paint Fiberglass Spoiler?

Ever wondered why fiberglass spoilers are used in cars? Besides giving the car a freaking cool look, it plays with air in a bit “sciency” way so that your car gets enough grips when driving at high speeds. A scratched or chipped fiberglass spoiler might give you the grip, but not the cool look! Wait, […]

how to remove paint from chrome

How to Remove Paint from Chrome?

Sometimes chrome on a surface like bicycles, motorcycles, or car bumpers gets painted. Everything feels okay until the paint starts to flake off; it reveals the chrome underneath. If your case is similar, you can easily remove the paint and enjoy the chrome again. All you need to know is how to remove paint from […]